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The Defect Index reflects estimated mortgage loan defect rates over time, by geography and loan type. It is available as an interactive tool that can be tailored to showcase trends by category,

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The federal Homeowners Protection Act (HPA) provides rights to remove private mortgage insurance (PMI) under certain circumstances. The law generally provides two ways to remove PMI from your home loan: (1) requesting PMI cancellation or (2) automatic or final PMI termination. Request PMI cancellation.

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 · Last year USDA Rural Housing reduced the upfront guarantee fee (also known as funding fee) charged on USDA housing mortgages. In addition, they also lowered the monthly mortgage insurance or “annual fee” thus saving home buyers a pretty good amount! Today USDA announced that the guarantee fee for 2018 will remain at the same 1% of the loan amount.

 · The annual fee (or monthly PMI) of .35% will remain the same, unchanged until Oct 1, 2017. The upfront guarantee fee is a one-time fee that is charged by all the popular government mortgage programs. This fee can be called a Guarantee fee, Funding fee, Mortgage insurance premium (MIP) depending on the program.

How to Get Your Credit Report Before You Apply for a Mortgage Loan | Florida Land Network Leonard Dicks Realty, LLC | Florida Land Network, Leonard Dicks Realty The PACER service provides on-line access to U.S. Appellate, District, and bankruptcy court records and documents nationwide. The PACER Service Center is the Federal Judiciary’s centralized registration, billing, and technical support center for PACER.

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Homeowners insurance carriers ^ #Video – Finance USA Life insurance and annuities provided by USAA Life Insurance Company, San Antonio, TX and in New York by USAA Life Insurance Company of New York, Highland Falls, NY. All insurance products are subject to state availability, issue limitations and contractual terms and conditions. Each company has sole financial responsibility for its own products.

[PMI] What is PMI | Mortgage Insurance Explained | Does PMI go away?  · What is PMI Insurance? The basic purpose of PMI for lenders is that it protects the mortgage company from a large loss in the case of foreclosure. It is an insurance policy covering the lender against loss.

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