How can you avoid smishing scams? Hong says you should make sure to use different passwords for everything from your bank’s website and social media apps to your email account.

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social media phishing scams can glean your credit cards, log-in credentials and other ID-worthy info. Here is what you should know to avoid these traps.. 5. gossip gotchas: Search terms of celebrity names, coupled with.

The hot season brings out the pests, including scammers that will set you up for a big sting. Bankrate tells you about 5 scams to avoid in summertime.

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Online scams have been going on for a long time, but now you have to be aware of social media scams. find out how to avoid these common Instagram scams. Know how to spot and avoid these tricky scams.

Here are our top tips on how to avoid scams. The flood of online scams, cons, hoaxes and frauds which litter social media websites such as.

Unfortunately, malware protection software doesn’t help much with many of these types of scams, because they rely on tricking the user, not delivering malicious software.So, being aware of the common scams can help you avoid them. Email programs have improved by adding ways of recognizing bogus emails and flagging them before they get to you, but they’re not perfect.

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Spear-phishing is especially commonplace on social media sites like LinkedIn, where attackers can use multiple sources of information to craft a targeted attack email. To protect against this type of scam, organizations should conduct ongoing employee security awareness training that, among other things, discourages users from publishing.

Here’s how to avoid ICO scams and give yourself the best chance to get the best return on your cryptocurrency. Check their LinkedIn profiles and their social media accounts to make sure they exist.

One of the more sensitive types of data involving identity theft is the Social Security Number. It is in your best interest to keep this number. The IRS anticipates this as being the most.