Introducing, the New Legend 4×4 x Iron & Resin Jeep Wagoneer.. When the guys at @newlegend4x4 called us up to collab on another custom adventure rig this year, This 1978 jeep wagoneer was the platform for the build, fully modern with vintage vibes..

New Legend x Iron & Resin 1978 Jeep Wagoneer SUV. New Legend 4×4 is an expert in the art of the restomod, specializing in thoroughly modern chassis and running gear wrapped in vintage International Scout bodywork.

New Legend x Iron & Resin 1978 Jeep Wagoneer SUV New Legend 4×4 is an expert in the art of the restomod, specializing in thoroughly modern chassis and running gear wrapped in vintage International Scout bodywork.

The new remix finds both Fab and Boogie bringing their A-game serving up a nice dose of their style in the process. Both fellas bring the best of their ability and put together a nice new remix in the.

New Legend 44 X Iron & Resin 1978 Jeep Wagoneer . Over the past few years, Iron & Resin gotten to be good friends with the guys at New Legend 44.They love their approach to work-play life balance and share their sentiment for adventure.

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The 5 years/100,000km warranty is not as impressive as some new cars, but most are not designed to go off-road. What’s interesting is that in 2019, Jeep has no direct competition in the high-performance off-road category. The 2019 Land Cruiser is more of a family SUV that’s too pretty to scratch, and the FJ Cruiser is discontinued.

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The good people at Californias clothing/moto lifestyle brand Iron & Resin, and New Legend 44 (makes some of the most sought-after vintage restorations out there), have teamed up again for this gorgeous jeep wagoneer from 1978.After collaborating on a 1972 International Scout II, New Legend hit Iron & Resin up to collaborate on another stunning vehicle.

A new powerplant finds its way into the German lineup. Rides.. 1978 Jeep Wagoneer By New Legend x Iron & Resin. Fully-modernized Corvette-powered restoration of an iconic 4×4 SUV.. Beefed-up all-wheel-drive SUV built with adventure in mind. Rides.

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