Small claims courts are a specific kind of court that hears cases between two parties without the need for lengthy and expensive lawsuits. You can take a case to a small claims court without the expense of an attorney. But going to small claims court means you must file your case and defend it by yourself.

2018-07-17  · Before you start your small claim you must write a formal letter to the person or business you disagree with – they’re called the defendant’. This is called a ‘letter before claim’ or a ‘letter before action’. You’ll need to do this even if you’ve already written to them to complain. If the

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The purpose of small claims court is to hear disputes involving relatively small amounts of money – for example, if you want to get your landlord to return your security deposit, or an auto repair shop to give you a refund for shoddy work.

For information on the court location that handles small claims matters for your town and the address and telephone number of the court see Where to File Small Claims Matters. The person starting the case is called the plaintiff; the person being sued is called the defendant.

You might be able to change a claim you made using the Small Claims Court e-filing service. Changing your claim is called amending. There is no fee to amend your claim. But you can only amend your claim online if you haven’t served it on the person or business you’re suing. If you’ve already served your claim on the defendant, you may be able to amend your claim in person at the courthouse.

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How to make a claim. You can apply to a county court to claim money you’re owed by a person or business. This is known as making a court claim. It often used to be known as taking someone to a ‘small claims court’. A mediation service could be quicker and cheaper than going to court. Mediation is when an impartial person helps both sides work.

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