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Former NBA player Scottie Pippen has recently filed suit against a 5-year-old girl and her parents after his property that he rented to the family was defaced by crayons and markers, causing over $109,000 in damages, according to NBC News.Pippen claimed in the suit that the young girl “damaged certain elements of the property with coloring tools” and that the parents “were responsible.

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Even at Thursday’s NBA Draft in Brooklyn, a trio of private planes flew banners over the city in an ongoing effort to. That’s where his son’s gonna go to school, with [Chicago Bulls legend] Scottie.

Phillip Faraone/GettyFormer Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen has named a 5-year-old girl in a lawsuit over alleged damage to his Florida mansion, claiming she ruined his pad by “defacing” it with crayons and markers.The former basketball player had initially filed the lawsuit against lawyer-turned-comedian Lindsay Glazer and her husband, Jacob Woloshin, in 2018, but amended it this week to include the.

The pregnant reality star, 34, is seen showing off some serious side-boob while adjusting her top and posing with husband Kanye West and their pals, retired nba star scottie pippen and his wife.

WHAT’S BEING CLAIMED: Former NBA superstar Scottie Pippen has named a 5-year-old girl for defacing his Fort Lauderdale mansion with coloring tools in a lawsuit he filed against the young child’s parents.

Chicago Bulls icon scottie pippen has filed a lawsuit against a 5-year-old and her parents for allegedly defacing his mansion in Florida. Pippen amended his lawsuit against lawyer-turned-stand-up-comic Lindsay Glazer Woloshin to include her 5-year-old daughter, earlier.

 · Former NBA star Scottie Pippen has added a new name to the list of people he is suing for allegedly trashing his waterfront home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – the 5-year-old daughter of the.

 · Scottie Pippen has named a five-year-old girl in a lawsuit claiming she damaged his. Scottie Pippen includes 5-year-old in lawsuit, claims she vandalized mansion with crayons. As a.